Thursday, February 12, 2009

Unleashing the Economic Stimulus Package on the Housing Market

Last week, Buyers asked me excited about the $15,000 Home Buyers' tax credit. Wouldn't that give the housing market a shot in the arm?

However in regards to the Economic Stimulus Package and the Home Buyer Tax Credit, the New York Times reported vaguely, "In driving down the total cost — from $838 billion for the Senate stimulus bill and $820 billion for the House-passed measure — lawmakers also reduced the Senate’s proposed tax incentives for buyers of homes and cars, which hold big public appeal." So it appears it will be a bit before we find out the rest of the story, the exact amount of the credit.

So while we wait for the details on how much Buyers will get, the government has already previously passed a nice incentive for qualified first time home buyers--at least $7500 in tax credits if you buy before July 1st. So while Interest rates are down, what are you waiting for? If you plan to stay in San Diego, now is the time. Time to get a hold of a qualified Realtor®, such as myself, to start a search.

Homes in good condition are already getting multiple offers in San Diego County. Once they unleash the full details of the Economic Stimulus Bill and expose the exact amount of the credit, the smart people who have been sitting on their money waiting for the housing market to bottom out will act, investing their money and getting back a tax credit, to boot. Don't get left behind. Why not join them?

--Virginia Hall

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