Saturday, March 28, 2009

Price Wars and Beauty Contests--8 Simple Tips to Win!

Buying a home is an emotional decision. Buyers are making multiple offers on homes that may need new plumbing or furnaces; but the floors are swept, the bathrooms shine, the fragrance of muffins linger in the kitchen, the beds are wrinkle free made with simple but stylish bed spreads, light flows through clean windows, and the counters are clutter free with a few designer touches.

While lower prices and good photos on the internet are getting people into the home, the Sellers who stage their home with a few simple moves will appeal to all the Buyer's senses and will get multiple offers. Buyers driven by their desire to have that particular home are getting into bidding wars. The sellers are ending up with thousands of dollars above where they started.

8 Simple Tips:

1. Clean up the yard. Weed and cut the grass. At the last minute, add a few plants that are in bloom for color.
2. Remove Clutter. Removing clutter makes the rooms feel bigger.
3. Deep cleaning is a must. Floorings must be cleaned. Kitchens and bathrooms must sparkle. Kitchen counters tops must be cleared. Trashcans must be emptied. Remove litter boxes to the garage or clean everyday to reduce any odors.
4. Simple Stylish Decorating. Open up the room by reducing excessive furniture. Freshen up the home with neutral colored paint. Remove all personal items and photos. Set a beautiful inviting table. Play soft music for atmosphere. More decorating ideas can be found on Better Homes and Gardens (
5. Let the Sun Shine in. Open window blinds and drapes or turn on lights for a bright cheery home.
6. Simple Repairs Can Make a Huge Difference. Loose knobs, dripping faucets, burned out light bulbs, sticking doors and windows, warped cabinet drawers and other minor flaws detract from the home value. Have them fixed.
7. Safety. Keep stairways clear. Remove throw rugs on slippery surfaces. Tack down any loose carpets or protruding boards. Dogs must be kenneled or restrained.
8. Clear Out Closets. Neat, well-organized closets make them look bigger and show that space is ample.

With the advice of an experienced Realtor®, who can give you more staging tips, will make all the difference in how easily and quickly you sell your home--to win the beauty contest!

--Virginia Hall

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