Sunday, April 5, 2009

Negotiating--Powerful Representation To Get What You Need

"I want what I want, and when I want it!" This is an unrealistic attitude to have when buying and selling homes. Buyers and Sellers need to remain open to winning some battles and losing others.

Negotiating is defined as “the art of influencing or persuading others.” It is a essential skill for a Realtor® who is representing Buyers and Sellers. However, it is important to point out that negotiating is not about taking unfair advantage of someone and should never involve dishonest or unethical behavior. In persuading or influencing others, our goal is to create genuine win-win outcomes by helping people see where they do, in fact, share common ground and can benefit from a give-and-take arrangement that advances their mutual interests.

A suave Realtor®, who understands your needs and is skilled at negotiating, acts as a buffer between you and the other party. They know where you stand and look out for your needs. While there is give, there is also take. They understand how to negotiate and work to get the majority of your needs met. By the end of the transaction, both parties should feel somewhat satisfied not angry and bitter.

Although, quite often the market has a bearing on the outcome of the negotiations. For example, if you are a buyer competing with multiple offers you may have to pay a bit more than you wanted to for the property and accept more imperfections than you hoped for. On the other hand, if you are a seller and haven't had an offer in 2 months, you may take less for the property than you expected. A Realtor® who understands your position will educate you on what is reasonable and unreasonable in the negotiations. However, they won't be afraid to ask for the unreasonable if it is in your best interest.

While, the buyer or seller may be adamant about their stand and they seem to be winning all the battles. If the market is leaning in their favor, you could stand firm and lose the transaction all together or reluctantly compromise one more time.
Sometimes, understanding that by getting over these bumps ultimately leads to your goal, the sale. Don't judge the method, but judge the results.

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