Monday, November 27, 2017

Strategies for Remodeling Your Kitchen: Part 1

While I have always been a "fix-it" person and over the years had replaced several of the original kitchen parts in my Santee home, I found that everything seemed to be going out all at once.   It felt like a mutiny of the kitchen.  The dishwasher stopped working, the refrigerator occasionly leaked, the garbage disposal growled and moaned, and the oven temperature wasn't correct, as well as the weathered, separating cupboard doors that had survived 4 active sons.  However, the final blow, that pushed me over the edge, was when my sink faucet developed a couple of pin hole leaks from the inside out, spraying me in the face. 

No problem. My son, who is a plumber, could replace the faucet and help me squeeze a little more life out of it, or so I thought.  However, when he looked under my "life-time" sink, he broke the news that it had started rusting underneathe and that the whole sink would have to be replaced.  When I thought about replacing the sink, I had a vision of tiles cracking across the counter in a chain reaction.  It was time! 

So I duct taped the pin hole leaks, and began to do my research.  Besides looking at new housing developments, I scoured Better Homes and Gardens, San Diego Magazine, and Pinterest.  I found lots of beautiful options.  I wanted a kitchen that would be practical, modern and at the same time reasonably priced.  I began taking photos of kitchens that I liked, researching counter top materials, cupboards, and flooring.  With so many choices, I had to figure out what would work for my husband and I.  In the next 8 blogs, I will show you the before and after, going over the kitchen remodel, things to think about and consider:

    1. Budget
    2. Contractor
    3. Color scheme
    4. Counter Tops
    5. Flooring
    6. Cabinets and Hardware
    7. Sink
    8. Faucet

Written by Virginia Hall
                   Keller Williams Realty
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