Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Strategies for Remodeling Your Kitchen: Part 5

Counter Top Choices

After choosing the color scheme, next comes the counter tops.  You will want to keep your color scheme in mind when picking cabinets and counter tops.  If you choose light color cabinets, you may want to contrast with a darker counter top.  And vice versa, with dark cabinets a lighter counter top for the contrast.  

While we used the same color quartz on all of our counter tops and island, some people are changing it up with a different accent color on the island. 

While granite is in, we chose quartz because of less maintence and it is more durable.  Granite needs regular sealing to avoid scratches and damage, while quartz countertops are already sealed making them more user friendly.  Quartz is actually harder, nearly indestructable, compared to granite.  Quartz is not porous like granite making it a healthy choice since it is relatively bacteria-free.  However, you still need to use hot pads to protect both Granite and Quartz, because both can be damaged by excessive heat.  Price is about the same.  For more information about quartz vsgranite countertops, see this Forbes article from a geologist's perspective or the HGTV's website.

Your cabinet hardware is another choice of style and taste.  We chose a brushed nickle cup handle for the drawers and knobs for the cupboards to flow with the stainless steel appliances and faucet.  

Written by Virginia Hall
                 Keller Williams Realty