Monday, May 7, 2018

Strategies for Remodeling Your Kitchen: Part 6


One of the hardest things to decide on was the flooring.  Wood flooring is definitely in and I love the look.  However, there are so many types of wood-like floorings.  So much to choose from...Hardwood.... Bamboo...Laminate Wood...Engineered...Tile...Linoleum...Vinyl.
While many of these look like wood, some are darker or lighter than others.  As well as some are more durable. I had ruled out laminate wood flooring because this wood flooring separates if liquids sit for any length of time on it.  I seen flooring buckling in front of a refrigerator and sinks.  Since we have an older dog, I was also concerned about her scratching the floor as well as accidents. 

Then there was hardwood flooring.  Hardwood flooring is more costly but can be refinished and doesn't delaminate.  And then there is engineered hardwood flooring, a better quality composite wood flooring that is supposed to hold up better to everyday living, pets and children, when compared to pergo or other less expensive laminates. 

Keeping the trends in mind, I finally narrowed it down to a ceramic tile that looked like wood. With a pet, I finally decided that this would be most practical.  Tile is easier to clean and maintain.  When we went to choose the tile, I was pleasantly surprised by the selection of tiles available that looked like wood.  They even came in 6"X36" planks.  So I had the best of both worlds.

However, even with tile, you must clean up the spills.  With prolonged leaks, water can seep into small cracks and breakdown the bond.  I have seen older tiles lift as a result of water leaks.

Flooring decisions can be challenging, so do your homework.  Visit the HGTV website to get an idea of the different kinds of flooring.  Consider all the options before making a decision. 

Written by
Virginia Hall
Keller Williams Realty